BTS Member Chemistry – 2 Members Part.1

I. Jin & Suga = 맏형즈 (Mat-hyungz)

  • SIN
  • 구룸현솔 (Gurum Hyunsol)
  • 안녕즈 (Annyeongz)
  • 한남동 노부부 (Hannamdong Nobubu)
  • 구룸메즈 (Gurummezz)

1. Overall Chemistry

At first glance, their personalities may seem completely opposite. However, Jin and Suga have the same MBTI personality type, INTP, and share the blood type O. Anyway, Jin is generally a quiet type who only steps up to set the mood when needed. Suga, on the other hand, is usually not very talkative. Nevertheless, their personalities complement each other well. Suga is the member who least reacts to Jin’s dad jokes, often not even moving a muscle. However, there are moments when Suga uses dad jokes himself and enjoys them. Recently, as Jin’s dad joke material has been running low, Suga has been making more jokes, and Jin appreciates them.

During interviews, they express no discomfort in sharing a room, even if their roommates change. They both want to continue sharing a room, considering each other the best roommates. When they share a room, they discuss how to deal with younger members who don’t listen and even watch movies together. Additionally, if one of them decides to sleep, the other will turn off the lights and sleep together. Recently, you can still see them sharing accommodations in “In the SOOP 2.”

1. SIN

The name “SIN” originated in 2017 when the two of them formed a team during a home party and named the team Suga + Jin. They share a hobby of fishing and often go fishing together, commonly referred to as fishing mates. In reality, Suga is not particularly passionate about fishing, but he accompanies Jin because Jin enjoys it.

2. 구룸메즈 (Gurummezz)

Jin is the one who openly tells jokes, while Suga occasionally throws in witty remarks. Thanks to this dynamic, you can often see them playfully teasing each other in group V Live broadcasts and other content. Although they currently don’t share a room, they were roommates for the longest time since their debut. International fans often refer to them as “SIN,” while Korean fans typically call them “Gurummezz” (구룸메즈).


“안녕즈”(Annyeongz) is a nickname derived from the keyword “안녕” (hello) in the Run BTS! 2017 – EP.33 “Manito 1” photo zone game, where they created a legendary photo. Four years later, in Run BTS! 2021 – EP.155, during another photo zone game, the subtitles initially appeared as “(구)안녕즈” (former Annyeongz) and were later renamed to “2021 안녕즈” (2021 Annyeongz). Additionally, new “안녕” (hello) legendary photos were added to their collection.

한남동 노부부 (Hannamdong Nobubu)

When the two of them are together, they give off a vibe that’s reminiscent of an old married couple, and this led to the use of the term “노부부” (Nobubu), which means “old married couple,” starting around 2021. Later, in the summer of 2022, they added “한남동” (Hannamdong) to their combination name, becoming known as “한남동 노부부” (Hannamdong Nobubu), based on the fact that they both lived in Hannam The Hill for several years.

II. RM & J-Hope = 구사즈(Gusaz)

The members were born in 1994 (9 = gu, 4 = sa) and are of the same age. They take great care of each other and have known each other for over 10 years since their trainee days, so they know each other very well and exhibit a real friendship. For example, during the mission where members had to complete the phrase “I want to marry you because…” J-Hope was the only one who understood his intention and successfully completed the mission, according to J-Hope. He said that he can tell what RM wants to say, what emotions he’s feeling, and what state he’s in just by looking into his eyes.

III. Jimin & V = 구오즈 (Guoz) / 만다꼬즈 (Mandakkoz)

They are both members born in 1995 (9 = gu, 5 = o) from the Gyeongsang Province and share a strong friendship as they are the same age. They rely on each other a lot and are known for their close friendship. Jimin often shares photos of himself and V together on Twitter, and they frequently team up during “Run BTS!” episodes. And they even sang the 15th track “친구” (Friend) together on the 4th regular album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”. Many ARMYs affectionately refer to them as “Guoz Duo” and appreciate their chemistry.

1. Episodes

In the early days of their debut, during a radio show, Jin once humorously mentioned that V was the least good-looking member, and when nobody else agreed, Jimin chimed in, saying, “I agree. You’re not good-looking.” They often share stories of playful and childish situations they’ve gotten into during interviews and other content. Despite sometimes poking fun at each other, they frequently express their affection, stating that they only have each other as friends within the group. Now, they always respond positively to each other’s jokes, as if it’s been that way from the beginning. Additionally, V once wrote a heartfelt letter to Jimin, expressing gratitude for comforting him when he was crying alone in the bathroom and for lending an understanding ear. Reading the letter brought tears to Jimin’s eyes.

2. Mandakko

During their early debut days, they hosted a special(?) solo broadcast titled “Mandakko,” where they spoke in the dialect of the southeastern region of South Korea. However, in 2016, V announced that he would not be able to continue participating in “Mandakko” because he needed to focus on his acting career and speaking standard Seoul dialect. Additionally, Jimin declared that he could no longer continue “Mandakko” because he now considered himself a Seoul man who could speak standard Seoul dialect. As a result, the show faced the possibility of discontinuation.

IV. Jin & JungKook = 맏막즈(Matmakz)

In many aspects, their chemistry shines. Jungkook mentioned, “I’ve known him since I came up from Busan at the age of 15. He’s like an older brother and the youngest at the same time, maybe that’s why Jin finds me so cute.” They share moments like eating together, and Jin often playfully teases Jungkook, engaging in lively banter.

Jin is considered the older brother within the group, and Jungkook is the youngest, with a significant age difference of five years. However, this age gap doesn’t stop them from playing around like close friends. Typically, Jin likes to tease Jungkook a lot, and Jungkook, in return, handles the teasing well. When it comes to physical pranks, Jungkook pays Jin back threefold. When they’re playfully interacting, it’s clear they’re having a great time together.

You can often see them exercising together spontaneously, and they are among the strongest members in the group. They even mentioned that they both enjoyed eating Mexicana fruit chicken.

Even though they seem to enjoy teasing each other, Jin recalls that he couldn’t forget the moment he first saw Jungkook. Jin was already an adult at the time, and he helped Jungkook adapt to Seoul when he came there as a young boy. Jin treated Jungkook like a little brother, taking him out to eat with his family, showing him around Seoul, and even driving him to school. This warm support from Jin helped Jungkook grow fond of Seoul.

As an interesting aside, when Jungkook first saw Jin, he was so moved by Jin’s good looks that he couldn’t believe someone like that could exist in the world. This is why, when they rank each other’s looks within the group, Jin is almost always voted as number one.

V. Suga & J-Hope = SOPE

The name “SUGA+J-hope” combines “SUGA” and “J-hope.” Despite their contrasting personalities, the lethargic SUGA and the energetic J-hope complement each other very well.

There is a saying that SUGA’s favorite member is J-hope. He takes good care of J-hope and mentions him frequently, to the extent that it has almost become official. In official content, there are even captions stating that SUGA’s favorite member is J-hope. Like a fan club president, SUGA often cheers loudly when watching their dance videos, music videos, and music show performances together. When he feels tired or low on energy, he often says, “I don’t have J-hope, so I feel weak.” There was even a moment during the filming of a fan meeting VCR when he said, “Bring J-hope. It’s hard without him.” Due to these reasons, you can often see SUGA being particularly high-spirited in this combination.

J-hope also takes care of SUGA in subtle ways. When other members tease or give SUGA a hard time, J-hope often takes SUGA’s side or supports him in some way. There have been instances where J-hope heard SUGA’s sighs and realized that SUGA was in the restroom.

In their early days at the dorm, when J-hope was having trouble adjusting, SUGA was the first to strike up a conversation and make him feel welcome. During the New Year’s holiday season, when J-hope was alone at the dorm ringing in the new year, SUGA thought of him and even bought chicken before coming back to the dorm to celebrate together. J-hope was deeply touched by this gesture and almost fell for him.

On April 1, 2019, as an April Fools’ Day celebration, SUGA and J-hope held a V Live broadcast announcing the “disbandment” of SOPE. On the same day, the official BTS Twitter account temporarily changed its name to “Professional Singer SOPE” in support of this playful event.

VI. J-Hope & Jimin = 또또즈 (Ttottoz)

The name “또또즈” comes from Jimin’s mom, who would say, “He’s coming again” every time Jimin wanted to be held by J-Hope. They are both part of the dance line and hold positions as dance team leader and dance team manager, respectively. They both have great reactions and are lively, often participating in skits on “Run BTS!” J-Hope finds Jimin incredibly cute, and on “Run BTS!” when J-Hope holds the camera, he immediately looks for Jimin. They express affection through hugs and other gestures, and they take care of each other, showing a warm bond. They have been roommates since their debut.

The unit name “또또즈” was chosen for the reasons mentioned earlier. However, it’s evident that Jimin greatly respects J-Hope, as RM mentioned during the BTS gathering on June 14, 2022, that “Jimin’s number one priority is always J-Hope.” This shows that Jimin highly regards J-Hope and follows his lead.

When J-Hope released his solo track “Jack in the Box” and performed at Lollapalooza in Chicago, Jimin took time out of his own schedule to attend the concert, showing his genuine support. J-Hope mentioned that he found it tough being alone during this time, but he was delighted when Jimin joined him, even noting that Jimin had a good meal. After the concert, during a V LIVE session, Jimin grabbed J-Hope by the collar and said, “It’s over. How are the other members doing at their concerts?” expressing how cool J-Hope was.

VII. Jimin & JungKook = 부산즈/해달즈 (Busanz/Haedalz)

Both of them are from Busan, so their unit name is derived from this. Ranked 7th, Jimin, and the real-life Doormat Jungkook. Jungkook often teases and makes fun of Jimin. For example, Jungkook mimics Jimin’s way of speaking, and he might say things like, “Jimin-hyung, you’re so short~,” etc. In episode 4 of Rookie King, Jimin once complained, “I ate 2130 more bowls of rice than you did.”

Despite always seeming to tease each other, when Jungkook was asked who listens to him the most when he’s going through a hard time, he pointed out Jimin. In their early days, Jimin even used to call himself “Jungkook’s mom.” You can often see these two together. According to Jungkook, all the older members of the team treat him well, but among them, Jimin treats him the best. Jimin says that when he looks at Jungkook, he’s reminded of a younger brother, and it makes him want to take even better care of him.

On days when they go live together, it’s common to see Jimin laughing at Jungkook’s jokes and internet slang that he may not fully understand, which often amuses the fans.

When Jungkook addresses Jimin, he often calls him ‘Jimi-nim’ or ‘Jimin-ssi,’ while Jimin affectionately refers to Jungkook as ‘Prince Puppy.’

In the 2020 FESTA profiles, Jimin humorously mentioned that his hobby is ‘getting scolded by Jungkook,’ and his special skill is ‘getting scolded by Jungkook even more.’

In an episode of ‘Let’s BTS,’ Jimin referred to Jungkook as his ‘follower.’ The reason behind this is that Jungkook tends to follow Jimin’s lead, whether it’s wearing the same lenses they used during their “Blood Sweat & Tears” activities or even wearing similar outfits. Jungkook once commented, “The clothes were styled by a coordinator, though, right?”

Around 2016, there was a period when these two were frequently seen together, and during a muster, they showcased a dance unit performance that was said to be as harmonious as the sun and the moon, giving rise to the nickname ‘Haeddolz’ (해달즈), which means ‘Sea Hares.’ Since then, ‘Haeddolz’ is used more frequently than ‘Busanz’ (부산즈).

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